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AT&T iPhone Unlock: 100% Official. Unlock pricing starts at $29.50!

It doesn’t matter what country you are from. You can safely unlock an AT&T iPhone in less than 20-30 business days. This method has already helped thousands of people to become free from AT&T network and use any SIM card on their iOS smartphone. Why do they choose factory iPhone unlock? Everyone who hopes to unlock their AT&T iPhone without being worried about voiding the official warranty or messing up with the software or hardware has found the right solution. Our service will provide you with the official unlock for AT&T iPhone. This method is absolutely legit and real, authorized by Apple and performed right from Apple iTunes Database. It is permanent and impressively easy to use.

At att.imei.org, you will get 100% official at&t iphone factory unlock services that are affordable, even low priced. We offer the cheapest prices among similar companies and serve you at the highest level. You worry about nothing, as we are doing everything correctly, officially and quickly. We guarantee that our customers get their iPhone fully 100% unlocked once and forever. This gadget will support SIM cards of all GSM network carriers in any country worldwide. Your iPhone will never be relocked again because our method gives you a permanent result that lasts FOREVER!

  • No Jailbreak, No Third-Party Programs

    There is no need to perform iPhone jailbreak before unlocking it. Factory unlock tool is official. Software, hardware unlock is in the past.

  • Apple Warranty after Unlock not be voided

    Don’t worry! Your official AT&T iPhone warranty will not be voided after you unlock it using our service.

  • All Versions of iOS / Models / Basebands

    IMEI unlocking tool supports all iOS releases, including the new iOS 7. It is also good for all basebands / modems.

  • iOS Updates / Syncing to iTunes

    iPhone can update and downgrade to any iOS version. They can also sync to iTunes as many times they want because unlock will not disappear.

  • Using SIM Cards

    The unlocked iPhone will work on any SIM card. It will be supported by any network carrier in any country across the globe and you will be able to select the mobile provider you wish to use and switch at any moment with ease.

  • Whitelist IMEI

    The service gives you not only absolutely permanent AT&T iPhone unlock but it also adds its IMEI code to a whitelist official Apple database. No relocks. No hassle. No worries.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We want to satisfy all AT&T iPhone users who haven’t yet unlocked their smartphones and are just thinking about getting this service. We are doing everything to make your happy. We guarantee to provide you with 100% refund of your order with us in case we fail to deliver successful iPhone unlock from AT&T carrier.

  • Complex Unlock Procedures

    Yo don’t have to wait till AT&T approves your iPhone unlock. You will save your time and nerves if you choose permanent unlocking solution by IMEI code. We work directly with manufacturer and don’t trouble AT&T even if your device is under contract.

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In survey after survey, our customers have cited our outstanding support and quick response as one of the real advantages of using att.imei.org.

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At att.imei.org , we currently offer two type of unlock services Regular and Instant Rush service depending upon how fast you want to unlock your ATT iPhone, Regular service has a normal wait time of 20 business days whereas Instant Rush service would unlock your AT&T iPhone in less than an hour reason being with this service your iphone factory unlock request is put at top most priority at apple itunes database, So that you can get your AT&T iPhone unlocked in just matter of minutes, however the average wait time for regular service is usually 8 hours or may be more. So you can choose the service according to your requirements.

ATT iPhone 5S / 5C Unlock Slow Service


  • 1-18 Days*
Terms and Conditions

ATT iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS Unlock Premium


  • 1-7 Days*
Terms and Conditions

ATT iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS Out of Contract Unlock Slow


  • 1-21 Days*
Terms and Conditions

ATT iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/3 In Contract Unlock


  • 1-14 Days*
Terms and Conditions

What’s included? You get a lot more than just AT&T unlock iPhone:

  • Permanent Unlock
  • Official Unlock
  • Support
  • Video

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If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, simply ask for a refund. Anything you’ve built is yours to keep!

What people are saying about us

Time frame was given for 24 hours but was done it only 2. Had my phone unlocked without even connecting to computer. Great service and would definitely use again and recommend!!

Mike Johnson, Tennessee, USA

This service is greate and fast, I enjoy to make bussiness with you thanks

Rob Maggs, Llandudno, United Kingdom

It took me less than an hour to factory unlock my iPhone 4. Great pricing too.

Kieran Gill, United Kingdom

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